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* Implement a system of annual checks and maintenance for all gas appliances and flues.
* Use only a Gas Safe Registered Engineer for installations, maintenance and gas safety checks.
* Maintain safety check records, keeping copies for at least 2 years, and issuing copies to each tenant within 28 days.
* If you use a managing agent make sure the contract makes it clear who is responsible for managing gas safety checks.
* Make sure that appliances are safe and have been checked within 12 months before re-letting.
* On re-letting, remove any suspect appliances which may have been left by previous tenants and issue the new tenant/s with a copy of the safety check record on entry.
* On re-letting, even if a safety certificate is still current, visually inspect the gas installation and appliances. A leaving tenant may have left the system in an unsafe condition.
* Work closely with tenants in gaining access for maintenance, repairs, safety checks and the early reporting of faulty appliances.
* If you experience difficulties gaining access make sure you fully document this to show you have taken all reasonable steps – beware accusations of harassment.
* Ensure that all appliances meet the general regulation requirements, in particular in bedrooms and bathrooms where appliances must be of the room-sealed type or have a safety valve incorporated.
* Ensure that all water heaters have fail safe thermostats fitted.
* Do not use second hand gas appliances.
* Ensure that tenants have emergency instructions and ready access to the gas meter and the gas cut-off valve.
* Provide copies of all appliance manufacturer’s operating instructions to your tenants.